Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage treatment plants are an important source of biogas. Surplus sludge that is formed as a residual product when cleaning household waste water is rich in organic material that can be utilized and generate energy using modern environmental technology. Biogas from sewage treatment plants is currently used primarily for electricity and heating, but increasingly also as vehicle fuel.

Residual Products Provide Energy

Biogas is extracted from the sludge that arises at the initial stage of the purification process. The sludge is utilized and passed on to specially developed digestive chambers where it is degraded in an oxygen-free environment by microorganisms into an energy-rich gas, consisting mainly of methane.

The gas is collected and converted by means of gas engines or turbines into electricity and heat. The methane gas can also be upgraded to biomethane for use as fuel for cars and buses.

The municipal sewage treatment plants today account for nearly half of the biogas extracted in Sweden. At the same time, there is an untapped potential as many treatment plants - thus far - have not yet invested in the technology. Moreover, the amount of recovered gas can be optimized by modernizing existing anaerobic digestion plants.


Biogas Systems has the Solution

Biogas Systems offers complete solutions for biogas recovery from wastewater treatment plants. Our program includes important plant components such as gas storage, digestion chambers, gas flares and pressure rise systems, but we also have the expertise to develop complete systems for pipes, controlling and instrumentation.

Main Contractor or Co-player

We are a reliable contractor that takes responsibility for the entire value-chain, from design to production and installation.

We can also be a flexible partner to other players in new production or facilities that are to be rebuilt.



With competent staff and long experience, we offer consultancy and planning and can of course take a holistic approach to both major and minor projects in the biogas sector.



With specialized expertise and experience, we offer creative and intelligent solutions with consulting, development, design and blue prints. The construction solutions always follow current norms and official regulatory requirements.



At our factory in Sunne, we perform most of the work in stainless steel, plastics, electricity and automation needed to build complex biogas plants.



Experience and expertise are key words for a successful installation and proper commissioning of biogas processing. Our overall approach to the projects means that we follow schedules, maintain a high quality service and thus create satisfied customers.



Biogas Systems has a service organization for both the gas plants as well as gas engines, turbines and boilers. Today, the organization covers most of Europe.