Biogas Specialists

When biological waste is decomposed in an oxygen-free environment, methane gas and carbon dioxide is formed. Biogas can be extracted at specially developed reactors and municipal wastewater treatment plants, but also in other processes such as landfills. Biogas has many uses. It can be used as fuel for vehicles with high energy exchange, but also for environmentally friendly heating and electricity generation. Biogas Systems AB is a specialist in the development and production of complete biogas solutions.

Biogas occurs when organic matter is broken down into an anaerobic process without access to oxygen. The process provides a renewable energy source that can be used as vehicle fuel or for electricity and heat production.

Gas collection from landfills

Gases that impact the environment are constantly being developed at landfills all over the world. From an environmental perspective, the gases are a problem. Methane gas that is not taken care of that leaks into the atmosphere contributes to the greenhouse effect. The gas also smells bad and can lead to fires that are hard to extinguish. The effects of the gas have contributed to a regulatory framework where landfill owners are required to prevent the environmental impact as much as possible.

Properly used - on the other hand - the gas is a valuable asset. A renewable and environmentally friendly energy source for both heat and electricity production.

Biogas Systems have developed a technology that converts the harmful methane gas into natural energy. A comprehensive solution that, in a specially developed system, transforms a difficult-to-master environmental problem into a sustainable and ecologically sustainable source of income.


Construction of Fermentation and Biogas Reactors

Experience from working with landfill gas also provides us with a stable platform as a partner in the construction of anaerobic digestion and biogas reactors as well as for biogas management at municipal sewage treatment plants.

We take responsibility for contract work, part-planning, execution of construction and service of products such as gas storage, gas flares, pressure lifting equipment, pipe systems, instrumentation, controlling, gas engines, gas turbines and gas boilers.

Our Customers

Our customers are primarily in the energy sector as well as municipal and private waste collection companies.
We are currently active throughout Scandinavia and parts of Europe, North Africa and Asia.