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Expertise and solid experience make us an attractive partner in most things related to biogas. Welcome to Biogas Systems if you need help with construction work, execution of construction work and service for products such as gas storage, gas flares, pressure lifting equipment, pipe systems, controlling, instrumentation, management systems, gas engines, gas turbines and gas boilers.

Design of Landfill and Biogas Systems

With competent staff and extended experience, we also offer design of landfill and biogas systems. A comprehensive approach can be taken on both large and small projects in the biogas sector.

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Investigation and Research of Existing Gas Systems

Analysis and examination of possible development or improvement of existing gas systems often require support. We offer knowledge about laws, control systems and function and prepare action proposals on existing gas systems.

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Sample Pumping with Analysis of Landfill Gas Potential

Biogas Systems has a well-developed system for sample pumping and analysis of landfill gas and landfill gas potential. Sample pumping with analysis answers the question of whether further measures regarding methane emissions are needed and provides facts required by the regulating authority.

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Service of Landfill and Biogas Systems, Part or All of the Facility

As we have built a large number of gas systems over time, the need for service has continuously increased. Complete service and safety control of gas systems are offered on a half or full year basis with competent service personnel. Service is carried out at pressure stations, consumer stations such as gas engines, gas boilers with burners, gas flares etc. as well as other peripheral equipment belonging to the gas system such as gas storage, piping systems, etc.

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Analysis and Investigation of Landfill and Biogas Systems with Proposed Measures

Existing gas systems may need to be addressed. Support and investigation of solutions to comply with applicable regulations (EGN). Often, a review with reference to the applicable rules is also needed, as well as solutions for how it can be addressed. Finished solutions are provided.

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Plant-specific Courses Are Conducted Based on the Customers Specific Needs

We offer training of your staff about existing gas systems but also gas systems we have built. Often, there is a need to renew competence about the system and functions by developing a specific basis for your facility and conducting a training course for your staff.

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Risk Assessment with Analysis of Landfill and Biogas Systems

All gas plants must be assessed regarding risk and safety. Review and development of risk and safety assessment documents are carried out regularly to the plant users.

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Explosion documentation is produced for landfill and biogas systems

For gas systems explosion protection documentation must be produced. Biogas Systems also provides this service where we follow the applicable energy gas standard (EGN 2017). When building a plant, both risk and explosion documentation are always attached. For existing facilities, this often needs to be updated over time.

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