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Anaerobic Digestion Plants

In special anaerobic digestion plants, organic material, such as agricultural and household waste, is broken down into energy-rich, combustible gas to be used in the production of vehicle fuel or in the production of heat and electricity. Biogas Systems develops and builds anaerobic digestion plants for safe, profitable and environmentally friendly energy recovery. We have knowledge of the entire process, from design and construction to production and service.

Fermentation Gas Recovery is Becoming More Common

Digestion processes for biogas extraction are becoming more common worldwide. European economies are at the forefront of development and the number of plants are growing rapidly. In developing countries, the application of the technology is less widespread, but the need for functional solutions is accelerating rapidly.

When digesting food and household waste, the plant is often placed in connection with a landfill. There are also interconnecting facilities where stakeholders optimize the exchange of the process by mixing organic materials from, for example, households and agriculture.


We are Involved in Every Step of the Process

Biogas Systems is an experienced partner in the development and construction of anaerobic digestion plants. On our own, or together with customers and partners, we are responsible for construction of new plats and the rebuilding of plants.

Our commitment encompasses the entire chain, from design and construction to manufacturing and installation of, for example, gas storage, digestion tanks, gas flares and pressure lift systems.

With our own organization we are also a reliable and qualified partner for continuous service and support.




With competent staff and long experience, we offer consultancy and planning and can of course take a holistic approach to both major and minor projects in the biogas sector.



With specialized expertise and experience, we offer creative and intelligent solutions with consulting, development, design and blue prints. The construction solutions always follow current norms and official regulatory requirements.



At our factory in Sunne, we perform most of the work in stainless steel, plastics, electricity and automation needed to build complex biogas plants.



Experience and expertise are key words for a successful installation and proper commissioning of biogas processing. Our overall approach to the projects means that we follow schedules, maintain a high quality service and thus create satisfied customers.



Biogas Systems has a service organization for both the gas plants as well as gas engines, turbines and boilers. Today, the organization covers most of Europe.