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Environmental Problems can be Made into a Sustainable Source of Income

Biogas Systems develops environmentally sound and economically sound solutions for energy and biogas plants. We have a holistic approach to the entire process, from analysis, calculations and design to manufacturing and installation.

Areas of Expertise

A central part of our business expertise is unique gas collection systems for landfills. With proprietary technology, environmentally harmful methane gases are converted from the decomposition process into green energy for electricity and heat production. A smart overall solution that - in one and the same process - transforms a difficult-to-master environmental problem into a sustainable source of income.

Another role we take is as a partner to other actors in the biogas field where we offer resources and knowledge for the design and construction of sub-projects within biogas / anaerobic digestion plants and biogas management at municipal sewage treatment plants.

Our work is based on solid experience with knowledgeable staff, most with qualifications according to EGN, BGA, DBE's Guidance on biogas as well as TUKES.

Business Concept

Our business idea is to build complete biogas plants with applications for, among other things, environmentally friendly electricity and heat production. We develop, manufacture and market complete solutions for landfill gas (waste dumps), anaerobic digestion plants and sewage treatment plants. Our program include total solutions for electricity and heat production via gas engines, gas turbines and gas boilers.


Biogas Systems has its origin in Sunne, Sweden. The business was founded in 1985 and during the recent 30 years we have gained experience that our customers will benefit from in their own systems or through partnerships with other actors in the biogas field.

For many years, the business was conducted under the name VÄRMEKOLLEKTOR AB. Our current name BIOGAS SYSTEMS AB was first adopted in 2010.

Our Vision

Biogas Systems vision is to work with our customers to transform environmental problems into economically sustainable revenue by:

  • Provide complete solutions within our business areas
  • Continuously work on product development focusing on quality and the environment

Our 5-Year Vision

  • To be the market leader in our business areas
  • To be globally represented in our business areas