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Landfills Are a Valuable Resource

Methane gas is being developed at landfills all over the world, leading to a huge environmental impact. The gas is harmful to the environment and has a significantly greater impact on the greenhouse effect than, for example, carbon dioxide. The European legal requirements dictate how to prevent gas from landfills spreading into the environment. Biogas Systems have developed a technology that collects the gas and - with good profit - converts it into "green" energy for electricity and heat.

Our Solution Provide a Valuable Resource

Modern landfills have very little in common with older tipping sites where the waste was stacked in piles, without restrictive environmental regulations. Strict standards now regulate which substances are allowed to spread to the environment.
At Biogas Systems we have developed a technology that converts harmful methane gas into natural energy. A comprehensive solution that transforms a difficult-to-master environmental problem into a stable and ecologically sustainable source of income.


Tailored Solutions

Our systems are based on patent-pending technology with specially developed components and subsystems that are merged into customized total solutions.

The solutions include wells and pipes as well as control systems, cooling systems and necessary peripheral equipment. The gas collection systems are connected to gas engines, gas turbines and gas boilers that are responsible for electricity/heat production using the landfill gas as fuel.

The Technology is Spreading Throughout the World

Our customers are in the energy sector as well municipal and private waste collection companies. We are currently active throughout Scandinavia and parts of Europe, North Africa and Asia.



With competent staff and long experience, we offer consultancy and planning and can of course take a holistic approach to both major and minor projects in the biogas sector.



With specialized expertise and experience, we offer creative and intelligent solutions with consulting, development, design and blue prints. The construction solutions always follow current norms and official regulatory requirements.



At our factory in Sunne, we perform most of the work in stainless steel, plastics, electricity and automation needed to build complex biogas plants.



Experience and expertise are key words for a successful installation and proper commissioning of biogas processing. Our overall approach to the projects means that we follow schedules, maintain a high quality service and thus create satisfied customers.



Biogas Systems has a service organization for both the gas plants as well as gas engines, turbines and boilers. Today, the organization covers most of Europe.