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Landfill Gas – A Valuable Resource

We develop solutions for the use of landfill gas. With proprietary technology, environmentally harmful gases are converted into green energy for electricity and heat production. A smart overall solution that transforms a difficult-to-master environmental problem into a sustainable source of income.

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Biogas from wastewater treatment plants

Surplus sludge that is formed as a residual product when cleaning household sewage drains are rich in organic materials. We develop and build anaerobic digestion plants for safe, profitable and environmentally friendly energy recovery from wastewater treatment plants. We have knowledge of the entire process, from design and construction to production and service.

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Energy from fermentation gas

Anaerobic digestion plants break down organic material, such as agricultural and household waste, into energy-rich gas to use in the production of vehicle fuel, heat and electricity. Biogas Systems develops and builds anaerobic digestion plants for safe, profitable and environmentally friendly energy recovery.

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Latest news

New gas boiler plant to Forsbacka Gävle, Gästrike waste management.

Gas boiler plant in Forsbacka Gävle, Gästrike waste management.

New gas boiler for heating leachate at a SBR-plant.

The gas is distributed from the existing pressure increase-station down to the new treatment plant.

There we have designed and installed a heating plant for leachate treatment.

Equipment distrubitated and installed from Biogas systems.

Gas piping, condensation well with pump control, gas cooler, gas boiler, electric boiler with complete piping system as well as electricity and control to the superior system.


Supplier; Weishaupt. Gas burners and control cabuinets.


Client; Malmbergs Water AB

Sales/design 2022/2023

Buildstart: 2023-04

Final inspection: 2023-12


Order value: SEK 2,950,000

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