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Biogas extraction

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We build complete Biogas solutions

BIOGAS SYSTEMS designs, builds and deploys turnkey systems for the collection and conversion of biogas. We are a strong and acknowledge operator with experience and resources for all different kinds of areas and applications.

A KEY PART of what we offer is a unique gas collection system for landfill sites. BIOGAS SYSTEMS is also a strong partner regarding construction of digester and biogas reactors and biogas handling on waste water treatment plants.


Our technology helps Indonesian children

In the presence of Biogas Systems a unique environment and aid projects in Indonesian City Of Palu was recently inaugurated. The project combines our technology with a housing project that will improve the living conditions for "scavengers" who live out of what can be extracted from the landfil. 



CHP-plant in Ödeshög

Biogas Systems has been handed the assignment to build a complete CHP-plant for generation of electricity.