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Ny anläggning till Älands i Härnösand

New facility for Älands in Hörnösand

Published 4 Mar 2016

Biogas Systems has been committed to manufacture, deliver and install a heating facility, a gas storage and a gas system to Älands Recycling Plant in Härnösand. 


EGE Flödesmätare

New gas measuring system to Oslo

Published 4 Mar 2016

During the upcoming spring Biogas Systems will deliver and install a new system for measuring the gas flow, for one of Europe's most advanced biogas facilities for food waste. 


Ödeshög Avloppsreningsverk

Open House activity in Ödeshög

Published 4 Mar 2016

On October 5th 2016 we will arrange an Open House activity on Ödeshögs Avloppsreningsverk. During a few exciting hours we will describe how we successfully installed equipment which makes it possible for the municipality of Ödeshög to earn money on the hazardous methane gas which is generated from sewage treatment plant. Welcome to register here. 


Fler nyheter

We build complete Biogas solutions

BIOGAS SYSTEMS designs, builds and deploys turnkey systems for the collection and conversion of biogas. We are a strong and acknowledge operator with experience and resources for all different kinds of areas and applications.

A KEY PART of what we offer is a unique gas collection system for landfill sites. BIOGAS SYSTEMS is also a strong partner regarding construction of digester and biogas reactors and biogas handling on waste water treatment plants.