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The fate of the environment is in our hands

All goods and services have an impact on our shared environment throughout their lives. The environment is affected by consumption, but also by the processes of extracting raw materials, manufacturing goods, transporting them, using them and eventually by the way we dispose of goods when they become waste.

The way we manage these processes mainly affects the air around us, but it also affects the water, soil and, not least, our future climate.

Excessive emissions of gases will eventually lead to disturbances in the Earth’s heat balance. If levels of greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide, methane and freons – continue to rise, heat will be trapped close to the Earth’s surface for longer, and the climate on Earth will gradually change. The average surface temperature will steadily rise, which will have many different effects on nature and the conditions for life all around the world.

PlantaOur need for energy is undoubtedly one of the main factors that affect our environment today. Researchers around the world are struggling with the question of where our future energy should come from and how we can make it go further by using new technology and improvements in efficiency. Engines need to be smarter and more efficient, and we need to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources such as wind power, solar energy and biofuels.

Concerns over the environment and energy use pose major challenges now and for future generations.