• Biogas Systems Spendrups Bryggeri

    Project: Reconstruction of gas supply system
    Place: Grängesberg, Sweden, 2014
    Builder: Spendrups Bryggeri
    Power: 2 250 kW
    System: Gas boiler/ flare

  • Biogas Systems

    Project: Upgrade and reconstruction of four landfill gas plant
    Place: Malmö, Sweden, 2014
    Builder: SYSAV, Sydskånes avfallsaktiebolag
    System: Varying

  • Biogasanläggning i Indonesien

    Project: New landfill gas plant
    Place: City of Palu, Sulawesi, Indonesien, 2014
    Builder: City of Palu
    Power: 45 kW
    System: Electricity

  • Biogas Systems

    Project: Environment flare
    Place: Örebro, Sweden, 2014
    Builder: Atleverken, Örebro Kommun
    Power: 1 500 kW
    System: Flare/ gas boiler

  • Project: New pressure increase station and gas flare
    Place: Hagby avfallsanläggning, Täby, Sweden, 2014
    Builder: Söderhalls Renhållningsverk AB
    Power: 1350 kW
    System: Heating boiler

  • Referens Brista, Sweden, 2014

    Project: New gas pump station with environment flare
    Place: Brista, Sweden, 2014
    Builder: Sigtuna återvinning AB
    Power: 225 kW
    System: Flare

  • Ödeshög

    Project: New pressure increase station with gas storage, boiler and gas engine
    Place: Ödeshög ARV, Sweden, 2014
    Builder: Ödeshög Kommun
    Power: 260 kW
    System: Gas engine & boiler

  • Project: Upgrade of landfill gas plant
    Place: Näs Kommune
    Builder: Esval Miljöpark, Norge, 2014
    Power: 1000 kW
    System: Upgrade for increased gas increased gas outlet

  • Project: New landfill gas plant
    Place: Sunne, Sweden, 2014
    Builder: Sunne kommun
    Power: 700 kW
    System: Gas boiler/ district heating