Odour treatment system to Romerike Biogas Anlegg in Vormsund Norway

Published 15 Dec 2017

Romerike Biogas Anlegg in Vormsund Norway buys two odour treatment systems from Biogas SYstems. Two large storage tanks used to degas the last residue from the Biogas process are having a seroious odour problem. The system is pressing in procesed outside air into the tanks thus creating a process in the tank that reacts with the odour particles. The outcome is odour free air leaving the tank to the surrounding community.

The system is developped by Ionairplasma and Biogas Systems has in partnership with them gotten the responibility to install the system. The tender was won in competition with several other competitors. Installation is planned to be done during spring 2018.

Romerrike Biogas has option for two more systems planned for installation during 2020.