Most of our systems are produced at our own plant in Sunne. We have our own resources for all mechanical machining and install the necessary electronics on site. The fact that we do everything under the same roof gives us advantages. It allows us to make changes quickly and easily during a project, and adapt individual components to match specific requirements. 

Production plant

In our machine shop we fabricate the piping system, which together with instrumentation, is installed in the prefabricated gas station. In the electrical shop we build systems for monitoring and process control. This is where we program the PLC system and operator’s panel, and where we test run the entire gas station before it is delivered and installed at the customer’s site.


While the gas station is being built in Sunne we work at the landfill site on the construction of the gas collectors and piping system, which together with the condensers and other equipment create a complete and highly reliable gas collection system. By the time the gas station is delivered everything is ready for fast and straightforward connection to the gas collection system.

Biogas Systems naturally also assists with the commissioning and training of operating staff.