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Environmental solutions that win in the long term

BIOGAS SYSTEMS develops environmentally sound and financially profitable solutions for energy and biogas plants. We take a complete approach to the whole process, from analysis, design and engineering, to manufacturing and installation of turnkey plants.

A key part of what we offer is a unique gas collection system for landfill sites. Using technology developed by us, harmful methane gas from the decomposition process is turned into green energy that can be used to generate electricity or provide heating. This is a smart, complete solution that converts a difficult environment problem into a lasting and sustainable source of income – in a single process.

BIOGAS SYSTEMS is also, by great resources and experience a strong partner regarding construction of digester and biogas reactors and biogas handling on waste water treatment plants.

The system is based on more than 25 years experience acquired by our skilled staff, many of them trained to EGN 2014, BGA 05, DBE’s and TUKES guidance notes on biogas use.